WQXR Login will not recognize my account to Sign In, Why?

The WQXR login system has been updated as of 4/25/17. That means you will need to create a new login to sign into the website. You can do so by clicking here:
If you have already created a login after the 4/25/17 date but still cannot log in please make sure that you have activated your account with the automatic email that is sent after creating a login.
If issues still persist please reach out to us with the email being used to login. Thank you
What can you do with a login?
- Change settings for the player. Example: Turning on and off the option which switches archived audio to the live player 
Do I need to log in to listen?
- No need, simply click the "Listen Live" option on the top left of the homepage
What cannot be done with a login?
- Edit any aspect of your WQXR membership. Example: Increasing your monthly donation or requesting a thank you gift
We strive to enhance your experience with the WQXR website and will expand what you are able to do with your login as we update more.
Thank you for your support and patience!
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